King Chiropractic

What to Expect at Your First Visit

  1. As in any doctor’s office, you will be asked to fill out and sign some paperwork detailing your contact information, medical history, insurance information, consent to treatment, and patient confidentiality form.
  2. The doctor will sit down with you and discuss your current health problem as well as your medical history.
  3. Next, the doctor will perform a thorough physical exam, including vital signs, neurological testing, orthopedic testing, postural and range of motion observation, and palpation.
  4. To avoid unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient, we do not routinely use X-rays to screen new patients. However, if you do need X-rays, we will order them for you and you can have them taken at any local imaging center.
  5. At this point, the doctor will take the time to explain your diagnosis to you and present an individualized treatment plan. Treatment plans may include any combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage, trigger point release, stretching, Graston Technique® , physical therapy modalities, rehabilitative exercises, lifestyle modifications, diet advice, or supplementation. Treatment frequency will also be discussed. This varies widely from patient to patient depending on age, lifestyle, general health, and the nature of the problem.
  6. If you have no contraindications to chiropractic care,  you can expect to be treated at the first visit.  If X-rays or MRIs are required, treatment may be delayed until the results are in.
  7. If your condition requires care that lies outside the scope of chiropractic care, you will be referred to the appropriate healthcare professional.


Maintenance Care

Once your problem has resolved, we will recommend a maintenance program of chiropractic care. Just like it is important to change the oil in your car every 3000 miles and get your teeth cleaned every six months, it is a good idea to get adjusted periodically to maintain optimal functioning and prevent injuries. Depending on age, health status, and lifestyle factors, some people only need to be adjusted a few times per year, while others need to come in once per month.

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