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Back Pain


“I first went to Dr. King after my second motor vehicle accident. During my first accident, I fractured multiple vertebrae and shattered my hip. I spent the next two years suffering from chronic back pain. I’ve been to six different pain clinics in New England and I’ve seen every specialist on the east coast for back injuries. After seeing Dr. King for 2 weeks, I regained 50% of the movement in my back and my pain levels dropped incredibly. Without Dr.King’s chiropractic care I would still be only to walk for 30 minutes at a time and toss and turn all night with only 1-3 hours of sleep. I can now walk all day with only minor aches and pains and I can get a full night’s rest for the first time in over two years. Dr.King has allowed me to regain my ability to live again.” – Robert C.


“Being a nurse for almost 20 years has certainly wreaked havoc with my body. I have suffered from lower back pain for longer than I care to remember. Some days my pain level was off of the charts. I sought treatment with my PCP and he sent me for Physical Therapy. Conventional treatment helped but more often than not, I was miserable. It was at a later office visit that my primary care doctor suggested chiropractic care, stating that it had “changed his life”. I’ll admit that I was always skeptical of having my back adjusted but I felt like I had exhausted all of my options. As soon as I stepped into Dr. King’s office, I felt welcome and comfortable. I knew I was in skilled and caring hands. It wasn’t long before I was telling people that my chiropractor “changed my life.” Dr. King’s office has become my oasis. I look forward to each and every visit and only wish I had sought her care sooner!” – Denise W.


“I visited Dr. King for multiple issues with my back, ankle, foot, and shoulder. The Graston Technique she used has given me relief I have not felt in years. My issues have not returned in some time. This is the best I have felt in years.” – Dewey A.


“When I first came to Dr. King I was suffering with lower back pain. I am 51 years old and this was something that I had been dealing with on and off for many, many years. At times the pain would be so bad that I could barely walk, sit or stand and a moist heat heating pad had become a staple in my nightly routine. I also had dull pain and discomfort in between my shoulder blades and neck but I thought that was from years of data entry and computer work. At the time I was getting a deep tissue massage every week and it would help but only for a few short days. It was when my Massage Therapist suggested I seek different treatment and referred me to Dr. King that I knew it was something I had to do. Not being one who ever wanted to go to a chiropractor, I am thrilled that I did. After an evaluation and 6 to 8 visits for adjustments and a few Graston treatments the pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck area is now non-existent! I am on my feet all day working in Food Service but I do the exercises that Dr. King suggested a few times a week and I’m now able to function 100%, pain free!” – Kim S.


“I had severe upper back pain for two years.  The doctors tried numerous things to help me, then they just put me on pills because nothing (including physical therapy) worked.  I heard through a friend about Dr. King and how she used the Graston Technique and how much it helped.  At this point I was willing to try anything.  I saw Dr. King for three 15 minute sessions and my pain was 90% gone.  Only when I did weights at the gym did it come back.  I went for a few more follow up appointments and now I am 100% pain free.  I was amazed that for two years I suffered so much and pills were their answer.  Now I tell everyone who says their back hurts to contact her.  I will always recommend Dr. King!” – Melissa B.


Neck Pain


“I visited Dr. King for a sharp pain in my right side neck and shoulder that radiated down my arm. I play a great deal of golf and this was limiting my swing. Using the Graston technique and chiropractic she was able to markedly reduce the pain during the first visit. After the second visit all the pain was virtually gone and Dr. King gave me stretching exercises to manage it on an ongoing basis. During the golf season, I make it a point to schedule several sessions with Dr. King to keep everything aligned. Wish my golf instructor was this successful!” – Dave D.


“I must admit, I was a skeptic–that was until Dr. Shelly King changed my life. One morning I woke up unable to feel my right arm, hand or fingers fully (being a musician, this was a nightmare). I did not understand how or why it happened, but it was a horrible time in my life. I saw my Primary Care Physician in hopes that she would know what was wrong with me. They took x-rays, which showed nothing, and I was sent home with Vicodan, Flexerall, and a defeated mind. I scheduled physical therapy appointments, but they hardly helped. I called Dr. King and made the appointment to come and see her–what could it hurt? After my first visit, I was a believer. I couldn’t believe the progress that was made in just one visit! I could feel my arm again; I could also turn my neck left and right without strain–immediately I was booking appointments every week. I highly recommend Dr. Shelly King, because not only does she relieve your pain, but she also brings a smile to your face with her humorous nature. Book your appointment today!” – Melanie D.





“Dr. Shelly King is a knowledgeable & well-rounded chiropractor. I recently began seeing Dr. King because of frequent migraines (2-3x week) that started after I purchased a new bed. I suspected that the migraines were caused by a neck misalignment. Dr. King was very flexible and took me right away. She analyzed the alignment of my back and neck one vertebra at a time. She identified several problem spots in my upper back and neck and adjusted them. She also massaged the neck muscles and shoulders to relieve some of the tension that built up due to the misalignment. I went in for a follow-up visit since my neck was feeling very tight. During the second visit she not only adjusted me again but she gave me a deep tissue massage to help alleviate the tightness. I have not had another migraine since that first adjustment. I have been to see five different chiropractors over the 7 years and by far I would recommend Dr. Shelly King. She goes above and beyond.” – Gina C.


Numbness & Tingling


“My first experience with a chiropractor was at King Chiropractic.  I had numbness and pain in my right arm and no feeling at all in two of my fingers.  Dr. King took the time to ask questions about how I felt and clearly articulated what she would do to help and the possible outcomes.  Long story short, I have no pain or numbness in my arm and have all the feeling back in my fingers.  I would highly recommend King Chiropractic to my friends and family.”Koral C.



Shoulder/Elbow Pain


“My husband & I have used chiropractic treatment for nearly 30 years now. Dr. King is, by far, one of the best we have had treat us. She is very knowledgeable and uses an integrated approach. My husband’s orthopedic surgeon suggested Graston Technique for a shoulder injury. Luckily Dr. King is well versed in this technique. Both he & I have had this treatment for shoulder & elbow issues. It worked well for us. Dr. King stays up to date on the latest available treatments and we see her for general adjustments to keep us in good shape.” – Susan M.



Foot Pain


“ Dr.Shelly really listened to me and considered my wants and needs when I saw her to have my plantar fasciitis treated. She used the Graston Technique and I was able to continue running while I was being treated (and in turn kept my sanity)! I’m happy to say today that my foot is pain free and I’ll be running a half marathon in a couple weeks!! Thanks Dr. Shelly!
” – Amy P.


Hip Pain


“I went to Dr. King when I had a deep pain in my hip from jogging. She explained the possible causes of my problem, and in addition to adjusting me, gave me stretches to try. When I still experienced pain, she recommended orthotics for my particular issue and they were just what I needed! Dr. King is fantastic because she understands the root causes of problems and strives to fix them at their source. She uses exercising, stretching, and manipulation first, and then adjusts her treatment plan to include other approaches based on each individual’s needs. She is a very compassionate person; she loves helping people and will make you feel comfortable.” 
– Jessie L.



I went to two physicians for my here in the US and one in South America…neither could diagnose the condition that was plaguing my backside.  Last October I saw Dr. Shelly and not only did she diagnose my condition correctly..The next four treatments allowed me the first opportunity in over a year to stand bolt upright!  Thanks Dr Shelly!” – Martin G.



“I couldn’t have made it through my second pregnancy without Dr. King! She made my chronic lower back pain tons better after gentle adjustments and helped me with tips and easy exercises I could do on my own. Much needed relief!” – Bethany N.


“I went to Shelly when I was pregnant with my twins. I had severe hip pain at the end of the first trimester and was limping as a result. I went to acupuncture and got a couple of massages, but they did nothing to minimize the pain. Shelly was recommended to me by my prenatal yoga instructor, so I gave her a try. I was nervous about receiving chiropractic care while pregnant, but I was willing to do anything. At my first appointment, I felt at ease. She had special cut-out pillows, so there was no pressure on my stomach and she definitely knew exactly what she was doing. After three appointments, my hip pain was literally gone. I went back to her at 38 weeks pregnant because Baby B was breech and my doctor said there was no way a 7 pound twin would flip so late. Since my hips were hurting again, I figured it couldn’t hurt. At least my hips would feel better. A week later, I gave birth to full term twins naturally – both of whom were vertex. I would recommend Shelly to anyone, especially for someone who is pregnant. Miracle worker!” – Katie N.




“As a runner new to the marathon distance and the overuse aches and pains associated with training for the Philadelphia Marathon, I found the K-Laser a perfect supplement to keep my training on track. My knee, in particular, was an area that needed some attention and Dr. King worked her magic. Thank you Dr. King and the K-laser for a successful 26.2 miles!” – Annette R.


“Due in part to my profession and my age, I have arthritis and stenosis in my neck, issues in my shoulder and tendinitis in my wrist and elbow. Over the years I have had physical therapy and steroid injections. In spite of these treatments I always continued to have some level of discomfort or pain. I thought it was something I would just have to live with. Dr. King has treated me 3 times with the K-Laser and after my second treatment I experienced no pain at all for 2 weeks and my range of motion also improved greatly. I am amazed. I was at a point where I feared I was going to have to cut down my work schedule or not be able to lift my 4 month old grandson. I would highly recommend the K-Laser treatment. It has truly improved my quality of life!” – Deb C.


“I tore my rotator cuff over a year ago and had pain which limited my range of motion. Two lengthy rounds of physical therapy and weekly massage and acupuncture had not helped and I was beginning to believe that shoulder pain and limited movement was my new normal. When I tried the K-Laser, I felt minimal lessening of pain at first, but kept with it because even slightly less pain was such a relief. After the second treatment, the pain relief was more noticeable. With successive treatments I’d notice that I could sleep on my side or lift my luggage overhead with minimal discomfort. My range of motion is near-normal and the residual pain is slight – definitely livable, which would have been unbelievable to me when I started treatment.” – Karen B.


Relief was noticeable after the first treatment, subsequent treatments have improved range of motion and reduced need for OTC medications.” – Cheryl M.


“I’ve been suffering with a chronic achilles pain and inflammation for many years now. I had originally gone to Dr. King to have her work on it with another technique (which is also very helpful), but when we started using the laser, it was a game changer. I had a lump of damaged tissue on my achilles that would not budge for years. Since using the laser on my affected area, the inflammation on my achilles and surrounding areas is WAY down, the pain has lessened and hasn’t come back as frequently. This is only after a few weeks of treatments, I am excited to see how things progress as we keep at it. There are times that I have gone in for treatment and my achilles has been sore, and after the treatment, it literally doesn’t hurt anymore. For anyone living with a chronic issue that is made worse by inflammation, I totally recommend trying the laser, it’s really sped up my healing process and helped calm my angry ankle when nothing else would. Give it a try!” – Sally J.


I injured my low back after slipping and falling down. I was not sleeping due to the pain, and even sitting or lying down was a very uncomfortable experience for me. I decided to see Dr. Shelly King and get treated with K-Laser. The general discomfort including pain were disappearing quickly with each following K-Laser treatment. It was Dr.Shelly King’s experience, knowledge, loving care, and utilization of K-Laser that helped me to completely heal my low back injury in a very short time. K-Laser therapy works! It is safe, effective, and non-invasive therapy. I want to thank Dr.Shelly King and all the staff at King Chiropractic for helping me to heal so fast!” – Katerina W.


“My left knee was giving me a lot of pain. It was so painful to bend it and the muscle below and above it was unbearable. I need a knee replacement but the inflammation was making it non-functional. Dr. King suggested the K-Laser to me. In a few treatments I could bend my knee and the pain in the muscles has subsided. It really worked for me.” – Jean D.


“Severe head, neck , jaw and shoulder pain were controlling my life. My PCP misdiagnosed my condition. She sent me for a MRI, a CAT scan, and prescribed both sinus medication and another medication for facial nerve pain. These drugs didn’t help and made me feel worse. I tried an acupuncturist but stopped because I was getting severe headaches during treatment. Physical therapy gave me some relief but benefits ran out after 30 visits. Because of past experience, I was reluctant to see a chiropractor. My massage therapist said Dr. King was different and encouraged me to make an appointment. Dr. King was able to find the true source of my pain and started treatment with adjustments and some soft tissue work. I felt better but a dramatic change occurred when we added laser treatment. A few months ago, my husband had tendinitis of the ankle and had to wear a boot. After a week it was no better so he tried laser treatments and after 3 visits the pain was gone! I highly recommend Dr. King!” – Cheryl S.

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