King Chiropractic

Forms For Your Initial Visit


Please print and fill out these forms before your initial visit.


Insurances Accepted at King Chiropractic


Dr. King is contracted with Medicare/Masshealth, Neighborhood, Network, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, GIC/Unicare, and some types of Cigna (those affiliated with Tufts). If you have chiropractic benefits under one of these plans, your insurance company will be billed directly and you will be responsible for the co-payment or deductible your plan dictates.

Dr. King also accepts Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation cases.


Chiropractic Price List


If you do not have insurance, or have an insurance that we are not contracted with, the following fees apply:

Initial Examination = $100
Chiropractic Visit = $40
Graston Technique = $40
Chiropractic + Graston = $60
K-Laser = $30 for one area, $40 for two areas


Massage Therapy Price List


30 minute massage = $40
60 minute massage = $70
90 minute massage = $100

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