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Using Laser Therapy to Treat Neuropathy

We recently upgraded to a Summus Horizon Laser, which has about twice the power of our previous laser. Because it is so powerful, we are now able to efficiently treat neuropathy (nerve damage to the peripheral nerves of the hands/feet, usually due to diabetes or chemotherapy). Now that we have treated a few patients with it, I am completely blown away! Not only are we seeing less pain and tingling and increased sensation in the feet, we are also seeing some “happy side-effects”. One of our more severe diabetic neuropathy patients had ulcers on the bottom of her big toes that had developed about 6 months ago and were not healing despite her best efforts. She had to clean and dress the wounds daily and could not get them wet. After about 8 treatments, one of the toes was completely healed. Today she came in for for 15th treatment and was ecstatic that both wounds are completely healed now and she no longer has to wear bandages! She also notices that her feet are no longer feel freezing cold anymore. They are nice and warm and pink. Even her leg hair is starting to grow back due to the increased circulation! It is amazing what can happen when you improve blood circulation, which is exactly what the laser does.

Next weekend my laser technician and I are traveling to Nashville to attend a Summus Laser seminar to learn even more about how to treat neuropathy. We are very excited and looking forward to helping a lot more people who are suffering from this debilitating condition!

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