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Optimal Fetal Positioning Using the Webster Technique

In order to understand the Webster Technique, you need to understand the anatomy of pregnancy. The uterus is suspended in the lower abdomen by several ligaments, which attach directly to the sacrum (tailbone) and pelvis. During pregnancy, hormones are released to relax the ligaments of the pelvis to accommodate the growing baby. This laxity, combined with added abdominal weight and loss of core strength, often leads to misalignments of the sacrum and pelvis. This may cause back and hip pain and sciatica in the mother, but perhaps even more importantly, a twisted pelvis can also cause the uterus to torque. This can make it difficult for the baby to get into the ideal head-down position. Sometimes the baby will get stuck in a breech or transverse position, making delivery more difficult and usually leading to a c-section.

The theory behind the Webster Technique is simple: Restore the proper alignment of the pelvis so that the amount of space in the uterus will be optimized and the baby will be able to assume the best position for delivery. This is done by a series of gentle adjustments and myofascial release to the surrounding ligaments. It is totally safe for mom and baby. Although this is not a “baby turning” technique (the doctor never actually touches the baby), current statistics say that about 85% of breech babies will flip when the mother receives the Webster Technique. Sometimes this happens right away, but other times it takes several visits. One woman was literally on her way to her scheduled c-section when she felt her baby flip! She was able to have a natural birth.

Even if an expecting mom knows her baby is already in the head-down position, getting regular chiropractic care is still a wise idea. The Webster Technique will never make a head-down baby flip to breech position. Getting the pelvis in the best alignment possible also tends to make for a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier, quicker delivery. This in turn leads to less interventions and less risk of birth trauma for the baby. I can speak to this myself- after having chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy, my labor and delivery were a breeze!

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