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About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy and chiropractic treatment go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Most cases of musculoskeletal pain are the result of both joint dysfunction and tight muscles, and the two tend to form a vicious cycle. For example, sitting at a desk all day can cause the muscles of your back to tighten up.  If they are tighter on one side, they will pull the vertebrae slightly out of alignment.  This, in turn, irritates the nerves coming from the spine, which tends to cause the surrounding muscles to spasm even more.  Just like the proverbial chicken and the egg, it is often impossible to tell which came first, the muscle tightness or the joint dysfunction.  Therefore, it is usually best to treat both. While Dr. King almost always includes some form of massage or stretching in her treatments in order to help the adjustments “hold” better, some people require more attention. For this reason, she has partnered up with a very skilled licensed massage therapist, Sue Brunelle.  Below is a description of the techniques she uses:

Swedish Massage

Also called a “classic” massage, this is the type of massage you would expect to get at a spa.  It is more gentle than a deep-tissue massage and best if you are very stressed out and looking to unwind. 

Deep -Tissue Massage 

This type of massage is similar to a Swedish massage, but the pressure used is much deeper.  This is best if you have lots of built-up tension and “knots” in the muscles, chronic pain, or sports injuries.

Hot Stone Massage

With this technique, the therapist literally uses hot stones to deliver the massage instead of her hands. The warmth from the stones is very relaxing and feels wonderful on tight, fatigued muscles. It is also great for menstrual cramps. 

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